The Architecture of Stara Planina13925445_1349538085085867_1774347722003125390_o
2016 – , Open Air Ethnographic Museum “Etar”, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria and Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and it aims to raise awareness of the traditional building techniques, materials and knowledge of local vernacular architecture in the Stara Planina region in Bulgaria. The educational program is developed in collaboration with Open Air Ethnographic Museum “Etar” and takes place each year in the museum.

The building crafts in the Stara planina mountain
01.06.2018 – 31.05.2019, Gabrovo province

The aim of the project was to study the tangible and intangible architectural and building heritage from the National Revival period in Gabrovo province. We were co-funded by the National Culture Fund under the Ministry of Culture. The Ethnographic Open Air Museum Etar, The National School of Applied Arts “Trevnenska shkola” and The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences were our partners. The final results were presented in an exposition and a 3D model of a house from Gornova mogila village. If you want to learn more, you can look at them here.

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Greetings, Master! How did you build it? DSC04900 copy
2016-2017, Bulgari village, Strandzha Mountain, Bulgaria

The project is supported by National Fund “Culture” and is dedicated to on-site documentation on local craftsman knowledge and building techniques in Strandzha mountain. The Project started with field work in 2016 and will continue with workshops, lectures and exhibitions in 2017 and 2018.