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About us

“Meshtra – Traditional knowledge and crafts” is an organization of professionals in the field of protection of cultural and natural heritage.

Our main goal is to create and develop alternative forms of education in order to facilitate the transmission of traditional knowledge and crafts.

In the educational activities we lead, we systematically combine theory with practice. We rely on four main directions:
1. Theoretical approach of the historical context of the place, local customs and culture, protection of cultural and natural heritage.
2. Research and documentation of heritage.
3. Practical work with traditional materials and techniques.
4. Open events to popularize the traditional lifestyle and culture of the places we have studied.

Our long-term goals are to equip young professionals with a basic set of essential knowledge and know-how about traditional building techniques and materials in the region, and to promote heritage preservation in local communities.

Our work in rural and currently depopulated regions allows us to explore and assess their potential in regard to their traditional cultural outlook, outlining and categorizing their characteristics and promoting interest in these regions in order to revitalize them, but also to preserve them.

“Meshtra – Traditional knowledge and crafts” is a non-profit association registered under the Law for Non-profit legal entities (NPLEA) in 2015.



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