The international training course will take place from August, 31st, till September, 10th, 2021, and is organised by Meshtra –Traditional Knowledge and Crafts in collaboration with European Heritage Volunteers, the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia and the Municipality of Kotel, and the History Museum in Kotel. International and Bulgarian students will take part in the project, and will be introduced to the process of documentation and the particularities of the vernacular architecture.
The municipality aims to restore the houses to their authentic state and to convert them into a lively workshop space for local craftsman. Thus the detailed documentation of the current state is an essential part of this very first stage of the project and will be the first step towards planning of future emergency repairs and conservation interventions.

The educational program will include introduction to the local context, history and culture of the town, through guided tours around the town. It will be complemented by demonstrations of traditional crafts led by local. An excursion day to the nearby region will be a great opportunity for the participants to experience the charming atmosphere of Bulgarian vernacular architecture found in this region, and to explore the natural mountain landscape.

Thanks to all the partners for their support and collaboration.

Much gratitude to the sponsor of the workshop – VELUX for their financial contribution.

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